jaanuar 14, 2010

P!nk explains, “I look at life like a carnival. Clowns are supposed to be happy, but they are really scary. Carnivals are supposed to be fun, but really they are kind of creepy. But, we go and we buy cotton candy and we force our laughter and we get on rides and we strap ourselves in and we do it. And that’s like life to me, and love. Love is supposed to be fun, but it can sometimes be really scary. And the funhouse mirrors that make you look so distorted that you don’t recognize yourself and you ask yourself, ‘How did I get here? How do I get out of here?’ But, you think that you want to do it again. That is the same as love and life. It’s a metaphor for being in love and for life.”

Ma vist ikka pean hakkama jälle plaati ostma. Kuigi ma plaate ei kuula. Aga Pink'i küll ja alati hea meelega. Täna harisin end, lugedes täpsemalt tema kohta. Hirmuäratav, kuidas ta suudab ka mu hetkemõtteid tihti sõnadesse panna.

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