november 06, 2006

So here I go...

Good morning/evening/afternoon everyone. I have like no clew who's reading this or even if anyone is reading this, but that isn't really important after all.

It's Monday afternoon here. I'm sitting in my room in Tartu in the middle of the day, because I really really didn't want to go to my english class. English with our teacher and economics on the same day is just too much to handle. But I promise, I'll be better on Wednesday and go to english class then.=D

Today started out almost perfectly if I don't count waking up at 6.45AM and breaking someone else's fridge. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I end up breaking many things lately. My car, for example. It burned down a week ago. Still noone knows why. I'll you about that later. I'm just too tired to talk about that right now. Hello! Noone should ever have to wake up at 6.45AM, but I had to, because I wanted my ex to bring me and my step-brother back to Tartu.

I really didn't feel like taking a bus. They are always so cold and it takes about three hours to get from Roela to Tartu, even though it's only aprox. 100km away. These buses just stop in every village on the way. A friend of mine calls those buses "Get to know your homeland" buses. =D. It still makes me laugh.

So wouldn't you prefer a car if you could get to Tartu by car with a half of the time? So anyway... I finally got back to Tartu from my realtives' place, where I went to see my new three-weeks-old relative, who's just unbelievably cute and today I even managed to go to my economics lecture. I'm really proud of myself.=D

That's enough of me for now. If anything as crazy as breaking up with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend, having your purse stolen, almost getting kicked out of the dormitory and burning your car down in ONE MONTH has happened to anyone of you too, let me know. It would cheer me up to know that I'm not the only one with so many problems at once. :)

Hugs and kisses;)

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